Last Year's Back-to-School Project

August 14, 2014

After last year's Back-to-School sale we chose to fund an initiative by the Women's Global Empowerment Fund in Northern Uganda that provides literacy classes for women. Since 2008 the WGEF has helped 750 women learn to read, and this program plays an integral role for women recovering and rebuilding their lives in a post conflict region. Their clients are formerly abducted persons, child soldiers, sex slaves, and IDP's; they missed out on the opportunity to receive even a basic education and desire to learn. Literacy will help them in all aspects of their lives, enabling women to communicate with their community leaders, people in authority, customers etc. Through this empowering program, they have had several women go on to run for public office and become advocates and leaders in their communities. The goal of the WGEF is to provide meaningful and relevant programming, enabling women to be a force for rebuilding their lives and communities.

In 2013 the literacy program had 59 participants at the basic level, and 45 at level two instruction. The trainings are twice weekly at several community centers, making it easier for women to attend. A meal, beverages, and child care on Saturdays is provided. Our Back-to-School sale funded 14 women for a full year's worth of classes, so thank you for every Cashmere Robe and Cotton Pajama Set purchased. Together we made a difference and hopefully you are enjoying your new pajamas!

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