About Elizabeth Cotton

What We Do

For eighteen years we have been committed to making the best products we can, in the nicest way possible. Our textiles are sourced from small European mills that specialize in high quality, natural fiber fabrics.

Our pajamas are made with love in New York City’s historic garment district. We manufacture at the same two family-owned factories we’ve been using since we started in 2005.

Making our collection close to home allows for a level of workmanship not always found in imported clothing. We use Oeko-Tex-certified and organic cotton fabrics whenever possible because we understand that quality means sustainability. Our pajamas are designed to last. They’re well-made so they can be well-loved.

Over the years, our products have been stocked in some of the world’s finest stores, and have been featured in Vogue, InStyle, and Oprah magazines, including a spot on the “O List”.

Most importantly, we have acquired a very loyal group of customers who enjoy spending time in our pajamas. Thank you for visiting our shop. We love making products that make people comfortable, and I hope you enjoy them!

XO Elizabeth

What We Believe

The best things in life are simple; a comfy pair of pajamas, a cozy blanket, a card containing a message from someone we love.

I love making things; creating them, designing them and seeing them go out into the world to make people happy. To me, sleepwear embodies the intimacy of home. It’s a purchase made with a single intention; to keep yourself, or someone you love, comfortable.

Our products are sold exclusively online to ensure our customers receive the highest quality merchandise without the burden of an in-store markup. For years we sold our products online as well as through incredible retailers like Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Fred Segal. I am incredibly grateful to the stores we worked with, in particular Neiman Marcus whose sleepwear buyer was kind enough to visit our first trade show, and who ended up carrying our pajamas for seven years. The decision was bittersweet, but it allowed us to continue making our products here in the USA while keeping our retail prices similar to what they were when I started back in 2005.

About Me...

Designer. mother, wanderer, pajama-maker. Fan of all things cozy and peaceful.
I love reading, drawing, working in coffee shops and friends who make me laugh.