Face Mask Sewing Bundle

face mask sewing bundle

 4/15- Thank you to all of our amazing customers and their friends, together you volunteered to sew over 3,500 masks to donate! Every bit of fabric and elastic we had here has been shipped as of this morning, so this item is now sold out. Thank you to everyone who spread the word and those who volunteered to sew. ❤️

Over the past 15 years I have acquired a plentiful collection of leftover fabrics and elastics. If you would like to make use of them, I would love for others to benefit from my reticence to ever throw anything away.

We tested several patterns and liked this one because it allows for the insertion of an additional filter between the layers.   A physician friend also expressed a preference for wearing this particular type of mask over an n95 (to help keep them clean if supplies are limited). These masks are not medical grade, but hopefully should provide the wearer and those around them with some amount of protection.

 In each kit we will include printed cotton for the exterior, a nonwoven fusible that should be ironed onto the front pieces, and a solid cotton fabric for the portion of the mask that touches your face, and elastic for the straps. The pattern used allows for an additional filter to be inserted between the layers if desired.

 The options are to receive materials enough to make either 4 masks (personal use) or 24 (personal/donation). It is possible to hand sew 4 masks, but you definitely ought to have a sewing machine if you select 24 pcs. If you only want 1-4 masks and don’t have a sewing machine, you may want to check with your craftiest friend and see if they would be willing to help out and then mail you a few pieces. The materials are free, we only ask that you cover the shipping charge of $9.99.

 Sewing instructions and donation information may be found here on our blog.  Although these are not medical grade, many healthcare here on our blog.organizations across the country have requested donations of homemade masks for patients, or to be used over n95 masks to help keep them clean when supplies are limited.  

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